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| owner = Prod
| owner = Prod
| financier = Prod
| financier = Prod
| leader = SilverChrono
| leader = SilverCrono
| url = http://www.chronowiki.org/
| url = http://www.chronowiki.org/
| since = 2008
| since = 2008

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Chrono Wiki

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Owner Prod
Financier Prod
Leader(s) SilverCrono
URL http://www.chronowiki.org/
Existed there since 2008
Main Area
Chrono series logo

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  • Founding member (First Wave)
  • Still has membership
  • Representative focusing on Chrono

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The Chrono Wiki is a wiki for the Chrono series, a series of console role-playing games published by Square Enix. It is as an encyclopedia or a database for the Chrono series that anyone can contribute to.


Chronopedia was founded on July 3, 2008 by Richard1990.



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