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The Square Enix Wiki is a wiki about Square Enix which covers properties of the following companies:

Along with any and all, current and former Regional Offices of Square Enix.

Along with the companies themselves, the following related articles or lists will also be included:

  • Corporate-owned franchises, to which there are or will be details on the franchise's related Games, Music, Manga and Anime
  • Any related software or hardware developed, published or ported by Square Enix, or one of the above mentioned companies
  • Any related software or hardware Square Enix has associated with, published on, etc. such as Nintendo DS and Sony Playstation 2.
  • Any companies that partnered with, rivaled with, etc. Square Enix
  • Any people who have worked for or with Square Enix
  • Any references to Square Enix in Pop Culture
  • Any legal-related stuff, like Lawsuits and patents
  • Any events held by or Attended by Square Enix.

For More complex details: See our coverage policy