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The Square Enix Wiki is a wiki about Square Enix which covers properties of the following companies:

  • The companies that existed before the corporate merger forming Square Enix - Square Co., Ltd. (or Squaresoft) and Enix
  • Child Companies of Square Enix - Eidos and Taito

Along with any and all, current and former Regional Offices of Square Enix.

Along with the companies themselves, the following related articles or lists will also be included:

  • Corporate-owned franchises, to which there are or will be details on the franchise's related Games, Music, Manga, and Anime.
  • Any related software or hardware Square Enix has associated with, published on, etc. such as Nintendo DS and Sony Playstation 2.
  • Any companies that partnered with, rivaled with, etc. Square Enix.
  • Any people who have worked for or with Square Enix.
  • Any references to Square Enix in pop culture.
  • Any legal-related stuff, like Lawsuits and patents.
  • Any events held by or Attended by Square Enix.

For more complex details: See our coverage policy

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