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Welcome to the voting page for Featured Article. To nominate, link your article under the section for the upcoming month. Please remember the requirements to nominate:

  • In order to vote for Featured Article, you must have 150 mainspace edits on this wiki (check here, or 200 edits on a SEIWA member wiki.
  • Please provide reasoning as to why you think an article is fit to be featured--remember, by featuring an article, you are presenting an article that represents the best work of its category. Whatever is nominated should be a model article for others that are similar to it. Also try to provide variety in your nomination--our goal is to balance out the "demographic" of articles above, not add more game articles.
  • The community is open to discuss all nominations, voting for whichever nominated articles they prefer
  • In the event of a tie, the former nominated article shall be featured first, and the latter nominated article shall be featured the following month. All voting restrictions for that month will roll over to the following month.
  • On the final day of the month, a staff member will close the voting, and voting for the next month shall begin.