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Being Avid RPG Fans that we are, the staff of the wiki has put together an RPG that is based on one's contributions to the wiki, to other wiki's in SEIWA and to our affialte wiki's and sites. This game is entirely optional, and any user may choose to opt-in or -out at any time they wish. We just simply ask, that the user specifices if they have chosen to opt-in or opt-out on their user page.

General Rules

Rules for the game are as follows:

  1. Users are asked to mark themselves as "in" or "out" of the game, using the following templates:
  2. User's are also asked to respect the choice of others, and don't involve anyone who has noted themselves as out. If they haven't noted either way, then either ask them or assume they don't wish to be involved.
  3. At all times, fair play and good sportsman ship are expected
  4. All information about abilities, items, equipment, etc. are to be public knowledge. No, "hidden abilities" that spring up whenever someone feels like it.

Gameplay Basics

The game works by you controntibuting. For every contribution you make, you get one point of experience. When you get 100 points of expericne, you go up a level.

Stats - Part 1

Your level then is used in the beginning of your stat calculations. The stats, which will be explained later on, are as follows:

  • Hit Points (hp) - How much health you have
  • Magic Points (mp) - How much mana (or magical energy) you can use
  • Attack (atk) - How strong you are in battle
  • Defence (def) - How well you can be hit in battle
  • Speed (spd) - How well you can move, dodge, etc.
  • Intelligence (int) - How well you can learn and master new moves.


Each Class has a number for each stat, that when multiplied by your, gives you the first part of the stat calculations. This is stored in the variable a.

<math> a = level * stat_per_level </math>

At the current time, players can only be one class


Good contributions to this wiki, or to any wiki who would like to do so, can be rewarded with equipment. The equipment gives you a boost in your stats, to a factor of 5% - 30% (in 5% increments), based on the equipment's bonus factor and then divided by 20. This number is stored in b

<math> b = a * equip / 20 </math>

At the current time, players can only be one class


Excellent contributions to the wiki, can be granted bonus items, that give a boost to stats on their own factoring numbers, multiplied by 10. This is stored in c

<math> c = bonus * 10 </math>

At the current time, players can have one piece of equipment


Once computed, a, b and c are added together to give you your stat at the moment.

<math> a + b + c </math>

Stats - Part 2

Hit Points

Your HP, or Hit Points, are your life force. They represent how much damage your body can take, before you can no longer fight or do any other in-game actions (except of contributing to the wiki :p).

There are many items and abilities out there, that can restore damage to your hp, up to your maximum hp. But when you run out of HP, only a revival item can bring you back.

Magic Points

Magical Energy, or Mana, exists everywhere. From the streams and rivers, to the mountain tops and jungles, and to even the cities and towns. Life thrives from it, people use it to to buy equipment, etc.

The more control over magic you have, the more of the world around you you can control.

But exercising said control, requires you to use your personal Mana; and that can only be restored through items that encapsulated mana, or though an ability or magic art that allows one to absorb it from the surrounding environments.

Each option for restoring Mana has it pros and cons, which will be explained here:

Type Pros Cons
  • Don't need specific stats or to be born with something
  • not as disastrous to the environment
  • Costs Mana to get in the first place
  • learning it will be free
  • May Need to be born with it
  • takes from the environment
Magical Art
  • It's free, once learned
  • Depending on which art/skill/technique it is, may require time and resources to obtain
  • Will require a specific minimum for stats, absolutely minimally being intelligence.
  • takes from the environment

Attack and Defense

During the game, you maybe attacked by a player using a move or spell. How well you do against this, and how damage you take, is based on your defense (def) and his or hers attack (atk), and the strength of the attack itself (str).

<math> (atk - def) * str </math>

The damage to you is then removed from your current hp.

Speed and Intelligence

Speed and intelligence are the two remaining stats, that determine how well you do for the following:

  • Ability to dodge attacks
  • Ability to resist stuff like brain washing and hypnosis
  • Ability to, and the time it takes to, learn new moves/spells, etc.


Two or more players may choose to battle each other in an official capacity on the SEIWA forums, with one person (usually a staff member) presiding as a judge. When the battle has finished, the judge will record the outcome on the wiki, and the players are then required to reflect the changes on their user page, where applicable.

To challenge a player, you may do so on their user talk page; or, if you prefer, announce an open challenge in the forums, and whoever accepts first will be the opponent.

Regardless of who or what is involved, battles are not to be held in private. If one such has been done, it will not be honored by the staff. While no one can interfere with a battle, everyone is entitled to sit in and watch as an "audience" member.