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*{{User|SilverCrono}} - Chrono Wiki
*{{User|SilverCrono}} - Chrono Wiki
*{{User|Neumannz}} - Kingdom Hearts Wiki
*{{User|Neumannz}} - Kingdom Hearts Wiki
*{{User|FlyingRagnar}} - Dragon Quest Wiki
*{{User|Moydow}} - NIWA
*{{User|Moydow}} - NIWA
*{{User|Starphoria}} - NIWA
*{{User|Starphoria}} - NIWA

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This page is just a trunk and isn't considered complete, major future revisions are likely!

The wiki staff are editors who have been given the position to perform restricted tasks. Staff positions are generally given to hard working editors, who actively make constructive edits.

Current staff

Staff consists of administrators and moderators.


Moderators are editors who are able to quickly revert vandalism, move files and move pages without leaving a redirect.


Administrators are able to perform tasks such as blocking vandals, delete pages and files, quickly revert a user's edits and move files. Some trusted administrators are also able look up user IP addresses in case of suspected sockpuppeting (Check user).


Bureaucrats are users who can assign other users to user groups, except Check users and Directors. They also can't remove users from the bureaucrat group.


The director(s) of the wiki over see the entire operation, and have server access. They can install extensions, check ip addresses, look into and manipulate the database and other extreme measures.



Ambassadors are users who are admins on Affiliated wikis and other sites.

Check Users

Check users can look into a user's IP address to catch suspected sockpuppets.