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If you would like to help out on any tasks, please talk to Bud0011 (talk), Sove (talk), or KeybladeSpyMaster (talk).

The following is the Square Enix Wiki's current task list. As a part of Project: Reconstruction, this list aims to polish the Square Enix Wiki so that it is ready for general editing again.

Main Tasks:

  • Technical Issues: Please report all technical issues on the Tech Issues Page
  • Templates: Templates must be made to clean up the existing content on the Square Enix Wiki.
    • Navigation
    • Infoboxes
  • Community
    • Community Portal
  • Policies and Help: Polish and fine-tune policies and help guides on the wiki
    • Manual of Style for specific types of pages (Model articles for Series, People, Anime, Films, etc.)
      • Series
      • Anime
      • People
      • Film
      • Company
      • Music
      • Manga
  • Content: Fill in the actual content! Get involved with our various projects.

Technical issues

  1. Start page to report technical issues on the Square Enix Wiki
  2. Fix any technical issues with the Square Enix Wiki. These must be dealt to the site developers, unless the site administration can take care of them.

Templates: Wave I

  • These templates should be implemented to clean-up the existing content on the Square Enix Wiki. These templates deal with content that will remain on the Square Enix Wiki, so regardless of decision on Coverage, these templates should updated.


  • InfoWiki
  • InfoGame
  • InfoSeries

Yes.png COMPLETEKeybladeSpyMaster


  • NavSquareEnix
  • NavSquare
  • NavEnix
  • NavCompanies
  • NavKH
  • NavChrono
  • NavDQ


  • Stub
  • Main Article
  • Delete
  • Merge
  • Move

Yes.png COMPLETEKeybladeSpyMaster 20:37, 8 November 2014 (UTC)


  • Determine which licenses we need
  • Create licenses that are missing

Yes.png COMPLETEKeybladeSpyMaster 04:01, 4 November 2014 (UTC)


  • Determine what the Square Enix Wiki will cover. This must come before the Manual of Style and other editing-related policies are drafted and enforced. The current page, Coverage, is mostly still a copy from the N Wiki (NIWA), so we have to take it and finish it.

Yes.png COMPLETEKeybladeSpyMaster

Templates: Wave II

  • Should be determined following Coverage, and should be created as needed for Coverage


  • InfoComany
  • InfoManga
  • InfoAnime
  • InfoFilm
  • InfoOnlineGame
  • InfoPerson
  • InfoEvent


  • NavTaitos
  • NavEidos
  • NavFF
  • NavManga
  • NavAnime
  • NavSECompany

Policies and Editing

See Template:NavHelp
  • Mostly a copy from the N Wiki (NIWA), so these must be polished to work for us, and so that it's not a copy.
    1. Manual of Style (!Important!: This is required to continue being a member of SEIWA) Yes.png COMPLETEKeybladeSpyMaster 04:04, 4 November 2014 (UTC)


  • Community Portal
  • Others?


  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Chrono
  • Dragon Quest

Organizing Content

  • Can only be dealt with after Coverage has been determined
  1. Categories
    1. Site categories (should be created and finalized regardless of coverage)
    2. Content categories


  1. Create a sample article for the following:
    • An example series article.
    • An example game article
      • Kingdom Hearts
      • Chrono
      • Dragon Quest
      • Final Fantasy
    • An example Wiki article
    • An example anime article
    • An example Manga article
    • An example Music article
    • An example article on a person
    • An example article on a company
  2. Upload missing files, and be sure to include a source.
  3. Any file that has no source identified, please add one or add a tag asking for one.
  4. Clean up existing pages (Chrono (series), Chrono (series)/Games)

Previously Completed

  • Clear out useless Interwiki entries. See this page for more info. Done. --Sove 00:03, 10 February 2012 (EST)
  • Please give opinions on {{Game_InfoBox}}
  • Create one page of each of the following:
    • Wiki that is in SEIWA
    • Create sample documantation pages, for templates.
  • Fix up Chrono (series) and Chrono (series)/Games, so that it is more presentable, and less copied from another wiki.