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Trials of Mana

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Basic Info
Console(s) SNES
Publisher(s) Squaresoft
Developer Squaresoft

People Info
Director(s) Hiromichi Tanaka
Programmer(s) Satoru Yoshieda
Writer(s) Koichi Ishii
Composer(s) Hiroki Kikuta
Release Info
Japan September 30, 1995
N. America N/A
Europe N/A


Trials of Mana is the third title in the series of the same name, originally released in the twilight years of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The original cartridge format was not released outside of Japan, which lead fans of the Mana series to take matters into their own hands and translate the title themselves--no easy feat considering the technical intricacies of the programming as well as the sheer volume of dialogue and descriptive text. The translation was published in 2000, being the second Squaresoft game to receive an unofficial localization after Final Fantasy V.

With the release of Collection of Mana in 2019, Trials of Mana was officially localized and given an official English title.





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