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"Project: Rebuild - 65% "

Title The Keyblade Spy Master
Name Jared
Home World West Valley
Birthday December 18
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Signature KeybladeSpyMaster
Edit Count 968
Weapon Keyblade


SnowflakeKingdom Key
Light the Fire Within

Wikis The Kingdom Hearts Wiki
The Keyhole
The Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki
"I do it for my home, for my family, for my friends. I do it for her!"

Welcome to my Userpage! It's still kind of a work-in-progress, in part because I like changing things here and there. I'm an administrator here and on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. Because of the length of my username, I'm often called KSM, Keyblade, KbSM, and many other things. I'll respond if it's obviously me you're talking to.


I'm an editor first on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, so your best shot of contacting me is on my Userpage there. Still, you can contact me here, and I will usually answer pretty soon.

About Me

I'm a 18-year-old boy, and a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and plot. I've played the game for only five years, and, because of financial reasons, have only played 4 of the games. Even so, I've made a great effort to know the entire plot and, hopefully, I'll get a PS3 so I can play the HD remasters. My interest and love for the series led me to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, my first home, wiki-wise.

I can't say I play other Square Enix games other than Kingdom Hearts, but I'm excited to be here to build up this wiki and the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance.

Help and Support

This lists what I can do, and what I have access to, should any of this prove useful to the wiki.

  • Photoshop: Well skilled
  • Templates and coding: Pretty darn well skilled