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Welcome to my userpage, I'm KeybladeSpyMaster. Some call me KSM, Keyblade, or whatever. I'm an editor at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and I'll be contributing my time here to help bring life and build up the Square Enix Wiki and the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance.

To Do List

  1. Technical issues
    1. Start page to report technical issues on the Square Enix Wiki
  2. Templates: Wave I
    • These templates should be implemented to clean-up the existing content on the Square Enix Wiki. These templates deal with content that will remain on the Square Enix Wiki, so regardless of decision on Coverage, these templates should updated.
    1. Infoboxes
      1. InfoWiki
      2. InfoGame
      3. InfoSeries
    2. Navigation
      1. KHSeriesNav
      2. ChronoSeriesNav
      3. DQSeriesNav
    3. Maintainence
      1. Stub
      2. Main Article
      3. Delete
      4. Merge
      5. Move
    4. Licenses
  3. Coverage
    • Determine what the Square Enix Wiki will cover. This must come before the Manual of Style and other editing-related policies are drafted and enforced. The following is what is currently covered on the Square Enix Wiki, and I think this should stay.
    1. Game Series
    2. Games
    3. Wiki
    4. Characters (as a list)
  4. Policies
    1. Editing
      1. Manual of Style (!Important!: This is required to continue being a member of SEIWA)
      2. Rules
      3. Editing Policy
      4. Coverage Policy
    2. User Account
      1. Signature Policy
      2. User Page Policy
  5. Editing
    1. Manual of Style (again)
    2. Getting Started
    3. Editing
    4. Images
    5. Help
    6. Projects
      1. Kingdom Hearts
      2. Chrono
      3. Dragon Quest
      4. Final Fantasy
      5. The World Ends With You
  6. Organizing Content (can only be dealt with after Coverage has been determined)
    1. Categories
      1. Site categories (should be created and finalized regardless of coverage)
      2. Content categories