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Finding a large amount of money is among the most difficult part in the whole venture of starting a brand new company, but you might just get lucky. Happy hunting within the following:
Friends, Relatives, Others you Know
The initial place many inventors search for financial backing is friends and family. The game "Trivial Pursuit" started that way. Everybody designed a ton of money on their initial investment. An inventor from one of my workshops had an invention that experts inside the field suggested would be a viable product. Within fourteen days, over $100,000 was offered by a group of eager investors from family, relations and friends.
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The largest problem in working this closely with individuals you know comes when the costs escalate and the relationships sour because of differences of opinions and influence, or the product/service turns out to be a dud.
-- 22:09, 4 July 2013 (UTC)
Do you want to perhaps put relationships at risk with people which are very close to you? If things go awry with strangers, it's easier to deal with the anger, frustration and accusations since it is just easy to walk away. Avoid family. The mix of friends and family and business should be thought about as perhaps a last resort.
Private investors
What is an angel investor? Private investors are wealthy people from the variety of businesses along with other backgrounds who supply the money for inventors or other entrepreneurs to start their own business. Some of these people get together and organize themselves into groups. They pool their cash and have fun deciding by which venture to invest. They may also have the experts and specialists waiting behind the curtain that to be able to go ahead and take invention and produce it to marketplace level. Remember, cash is even if it's just the real objective sometimes. Professionals that can help you are occasionally far more valuable.
Imagine yourself being an angel investor. Somebody comes to you and says they need $500,000 to get their business up and running. What would be some of your first questions?
- Have you ever handled $500,000 before? Otherwise, you have no knowledge about wealth and therefore are an amateur. That do you have along with you that would know what to do with that much cash?
Each member may have an area of expert knowledge and that is a good reason to work together. e.g. Maple Leaf Angels company that is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is a non-profit organization with fifty members who've almost $6 million to take a position at any given time.
How are angels not even the same as other investors?
Private investors usually invest their own money. They create the direct decision whether to invest or otherwise. They don't need outside help or advice. They are not middle level financial analysts, consultants, suppliers or providers.
Exactly what do they usually offer that other investors don't?
Along with providing the money, they might act as expert ongoing mentors and professional advisors or even hands-on participants within the company to ensure it has a reasonable chance of success. Quite simply, they become involved to different degrees to be able to protect their investments of your time and money. They are in position to lose should you lose so they want to be there to protect the inventor, invention and their investment.
What are the chances of getting an investment from Angels?
Inside a newspaper article about Maple Leaf Angels, it was mentioned the company gets about 400 applications a year and from those about 6-8 are selected for development. Of those, investments may be anywhere from $50,000 or more into the low millions with respect to the value and curiosity about the product or service.
Weigh your chances. Out of about every 10 investments, two will fail, six will bring in enough money to recover the investments, and the other two provide the big bucks and large bang. Is it worth it? Ask an angel holding more income than what they might ever spend in a lifetime.
[http://www.primaboinca.com/show_user.php?userid=7889 Indiegogo]
Look up the following on the web:
- Go Big Network (world's largest angel investors site)
- Venture Capital Free Survey
- Angelsoft (provides deal-flow and portfolio management tools for accepting, tracking and collaborating on early-stage investments)
- Angel Investor Network
Government or Private Grants
- Federal Money Retriever
- Inventions Guide Funding Tips
- Venture Capital Firms - They may ask for some control of the invention.
- Venture Capital Directory
- V Finance Inc.
- Entrepreneurship Institute of Canada
- Marketplace Investment Directory
Loans from Local Banks
Many factors can come into play looking at anybody decides if the bank wants to invest by the risky venture. You will likely have to secure a loan with collateral.
As a new business person, think twice. What do you really need? Money might not be it. Instead, discover the experts to help you together together with your business. Almost every city has business assistance offices operated by local and federal governments. Visit them for help whether you'll need money or not. They are very often free and have a very wealth of expertise to share with you. Good luck with your venture.

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