Welcome to the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance

The Square Enix Indpendent Wiki Alliance, or SEIWA, is a network of independent wikis established in 2011 and focused on providing high-quality coverage of Square Enix and its content. We work together, along with our affiliates and others, to promote our values:

  • Providing the best-quality content on the various Square Enix video games and media.
  • Co-operating and supporting one another
  • Promoting and supporting independent wikis and their right to operate as they wish.

Learn more about us on our about page, and check out our members and affiliates.

Stay engaged

We have a public Discord server for Square Enix and wiki fans alike, as well as social media profiles to keep up-to-date with going-ons between our members.

You can also engage with our members and affiliates through their own Discord servers and social media.