Intrested in joining the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance? Check out the following guidelines:

  1. Wikis must be centered around a franchise that Square Enix was involved in, in some way, shape or form. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Media developed by Square Enix (such as a game), Squaresoft, Enix Software or a subsidiary thereof.
    2. Media published by Square Enix (such as a manga), Squaresoft, Enix Software or a subsidiary thereof.
  2. Wikis should have at least 100 articles, of which at least 25 should not be considered stubs.
  3. Wikis must have some form of activity in the last 90 days (~3 months). This can include:
    1. Edits to improve the quality of a page (templates, articles, project, etc.)
    2. Creation of new pages (files, policies, subpages, categories, etc.)
    3. Discussions
    4. Template documentation
  4. Wikis need policies in place to ensure Quality Content, Anti-vandal measures, etc. and a staff to enforce them
  5. Wikis need to maintain independence in such a way that their community as a whole can decide its internal and external policies.
    1. This includes the ability to choose to shut itself down, change hosts, etc.

Once you apply, the community will discuss and vote internally to decide on membership.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change without notice. If you are interested in joining or affiliating with SEIWA, please contact us!