SEIWA Members

A free encyclopedia dedicated to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Radical Dreamers, and everything else related to the series. A long, rich history and a friendly, encouraging userbase makes this the best Chrono in the entire time/space continuum!

Originally founded on Wikia, the Dragon Quest Wiki was largely inactive until FlyingRagnar became an admin in late 2009. The wiki went independent about a year later when it merged with the Dragon Quest Dictionary/Encyclopedia which was run by Zenithian and supported by the Dragon's Den. The Dragon Quest Wiki aims to be the most complete resource for Dragon Quest information on the web. It continues to grow in the hope that one day the series will be as popular in the rest of the world as it is in Japan.

A new wiki focused on covering Square Enix's flagship franchise, the critically-acclaimed Final Fantasy series. The Final Fantasy Wiki was founded on January 12, 2020 as part of SEIWA and covers all things Final Fantasy and related franchises.

The Kingdom Hearts Wiki attempts to document all things related to the Kingdom Hearts series, from elements of storyline to gameplay. The site was originally founded on April 1, 2006 on Wikia and became independent on February 9, 2011. Since this time, the community of the KHWiki strives to be the most professional and comprehensive Kingdom Hearts resource in the world.

The Square Enix Wiki was founded on February 8, 2012, and is an up-and-coming wiki project created by SEIWA. It focuses on covering all things Square Enix, from its video game series to its physical publications to its most notable employees and work as a company.

StrategyWiki was founded in December 2005 by former member Brandon Suit with the idea that the existing strategy guides on the Internet could be improved. Three years later, in December 2008, Scott Jacobi officially established Abxy LLC for the purpose of owning and operating StrategyWiki as a community. Their vision is to bring free, collaborative video game strategy guides to the masses, including Nintendo franchise strategy guides.