Welcome to the home page of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance.

The first three members have arrived! Say hello to Kingdom Hearts Wiki, Chrono Wiki and Dragon Quest Wiki.
Our secret project - Square Enix Wiki - is up, running and ready for editing! (the skin is temporary, and a new one will be rolled out with the next version of this page's). Also, they are now a member of SEIWA!


  1. Wiki trying to apply must be about a game or product created by or published by Squaresoft, Enix, Square Enix, Eidos, or Taito.
    • a: While you can ask for coding assistance from the other wikis, and obviously editing on multiple wikis is encouraged, each wiki is its own entity, and defines its own purpose. Other wikis will not be allowed to force a decision on a wiki, of any kind.
    • b: If the leadership of a partner wiki vacates, or otherwise allows excessive vandalism, the leadership of other wikis will be allowed to either enact protective measures, or remove the wiki as a partner.
  2. Every wiki applying must have no more than 40% of its mainspace articles as stubs, at least 50 mainspace pages, at least 30 images being used in the mainspace, and at least 3 active editors. (still need to work on a number of "quality articles" it must have, or whether or not we've even doing that.)
  3. It is advised that the wikis have a Manual of Style denouncing proper article format.